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Areas of Practice

The firm has developed strong expertise in the areas listed below:

Commercial and Corporate Law
Maxim has concluded numerous commercial and corporate transactions on behalf of clients. Its team is experienced in all aspects of corporate and commercial law and can assist with all corporate transactions, including but not limited to  capital raising of both debt and equity, mergers, acquisitions and disposals, restructurings and all issues concerning board control including valuations. Maxim takes a highly tactical approach to client issues and focuses on both the legal and broader commercial interests that are involved. The firm focuses strongly on the needs of its clients and their respective businesses and as such our services are not limited to the drafting and settlement of a composite range of commercial transactions, conducting due diligence investigations and assisting with the implementation of commercial transactions.


Property and Real Estate
The Real Estate and Property sector,  particularly in Uganda, holds many pitfalls for the unwary. Maxim has many years experience in acting for clients to successfully conclude property and related transactions. The firm has also advised clients on occasion, to walk away from a transaction as it is not possible, despite our best efforts to close it with a sufficient degree of legal certainty. Maxim is knowledgeable in both commercial, residential and greenfield development sites, and has an abiding understanding of the categories of land and the processes needed to conclude a successful transaction. In that respect, the firm offers the following services:

  • Financial Planning and structuring.
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements relating to the sale of properties both residential and commercial.
  • Advising on drafting of commercial and residential leases.
  • Property finance.
  • Conventional transfers of property and transfers as a result of liquidations, foreclosures, court orders, donations, auctions.

International Law
Through the experience of its Team,  its relationships with firms overseas and its international network, Maxim has built up significant experience in dealing with matters touching more than one jurisdiction and often three or four. This is especially true in banking and other financial transactions where investors and lenders are often located in multiple jurisdictions. With experience in Ugandan, East African, United States, United Kingdom and Swiss law, and the laws of China, the Firm can offer unrivalled expertise.


Immigration Law
Maxim has acted for many clients, both companies and individuals, seeking to live and work in Uganda. This has become a necessary practice area for the Firm as the laws have become stricter and enforcement more thorough. We need to protect the interest of our clients. It is therefore imperative that clients comply with the local immigration laws. And as these are not always clear, and the process is complicated, knowledgeable legal advice is an absolute must.  Maxim therefore guides its clients through the complexities of immigration procedures.


Tax and Tax Disputes

Maxim acts for clients in tax matters concerning the Uganda Revenue Authority and other taxing bodies. Our services  range from the filing of the needed paperwork to taking cases to appeal with major issues of law at stake.


Bankruptcy and Debt Collection

The Firm has acted in a number of cases where suppliers or debtors to one of the Firm’s clients had failed to pay a legally owing debt and Maxim has gone to court to enforce payment and taken  steps to actually collect the money. An understanding of our clients needs, values and priorities empowers us to deliver efficient, tailor made debt collection services at competitive rates. Similarly, the Firm has defended clients when amounts were claimed from them that were not felt to be legally owing.  The Firm has also undertaken complicated corporate restructurings and recapitalisations, acting for creditors, lenders or indeed the company itself undergoing restructuring.



Maxim can efficiently form a new company for its clients and take responsibility of all aspects of company set up including drafting of the appropriate Memorandum and Articles, filing all the needed documents with the Companies Registry obtaining corporate and personal Tax Identification Numbers, securing a Trading License and registering for all needed taxes, including VAT. In effect, Maxim offers a one stop shop. Maxim can also provide Resident and non-Resident directors, if needed and can otherwise handle all day to day and annual administrative functions. Many clients find this an extremely useful service as it frees them up to focus exclusively on their commercial objectives.


Board Level Advice
Maxim is used to acting at CEO and Board level and assisting companies and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. While legal advice usually plays a large role in this, it is not the only advice needed. The Team at Maxim, which takes a broad  legal view, is well positioned to offer highly confidential definitive advice and assistance on those issues that confront companies and their leaders.


Maxim, through its consultancy practice, provides consultancy services to clients of its legal practice and to those who only seek consultancy advice. The Firm has a thorough understanding of the East African and Ugandan market and is often retained by companies seeking to invest, or to consider an investment into the region. Government relations are key fsor any investment and Maxim has contacts at the highest levels of government. These are often not needed, but they can be brought to bear if needed. The Firm has undertaken detailed market studies and has not only assisted in identifying positive sectors for investment, but also implementing these investments on behalf of the clients.